A Loving Daughter’s Tribute


Many of us who experienced combat for the first time in Vietnam left behind young children we’d hardly had a chance to get to know. After a few hundred missions as FACs, most of us came home and were blessed to pick up being fulltime fathers again—almost where we had left off.

Sadly, many other young children, whose fathers did not return with us, never received the chance to know their fathers—and thus have missed out on their fathers’ presence and love for these past decades.


Along with a donation of $1,000 we received from Lorin Walker in these last few days before Christmas, she included eloquent words of tribute to her hero father who has been gone for so long:


In memory of Captain Bruce C. Walker - May he be honored and remembered for all that he was; honest and true, talented and brave.  With the knowledge that this daughter will never see the pride in her father's eyes or feel his reassuring hand on her shoulder, that all may forever know the immense pride and love she feels for him.


Her words confirm the importance of the 2008 FAC Memorial and other tributes we have made to the courage, dedication, and sacrifice of these FACs we’ll gather to honor once again.  We reaffirm to the children, widows, parents and other loved ones that hundreds among us have shared that sense of loss, and we know the immense pride of having been associated with men such as Captain Bruce C. Walker—and the others we’ll gather to honor on 3 October 2008.


In the words of the final stanzas of FAC Requiem by Major John J. Duffy, DSC, US Army Retired:


Say the name of a fallen hero.

Say the name of a lover or husband.

Say the name of a son grown brave.

Say the name of a Dad no longer here.


They are now a long time gone.

We honor them for their courage.

We honor them as “fallen” warriors,

Who gave their lives, so others would live.


A loving daughter’s generous donation will help us achieve our objective of producing a 2008 FAC Memorial and a dedication ceremony worthy of the men we honor.  Your donations, big or small, continue to be welcome as we strive to achieve that goal.


                                                                                               Jimmie H. Butler

                                                                                               Nail 12