The Air Strike : April 07, 1967





Larry Ray was in the back seat of my 0-1 taking all of the pictures you will see during the actual air strike. Now, come along with us on an actual air strike just as I flew it on the 7th of April 1967. My mission log shows that this will be a 3+30 hr mission. The fighter support today will be A-4s and F-4s. Today's takeoff from Quang Nagi will be shortly after daybreak giving us enough time to check in with the troops at Ha Than special forces camp as we fly by their location and checkout one of the other bridges that has been turned in as a potential future target. Our target today is identified on the map below as "The Bridge".

As is the local procedure, when any Jake has a mission that goes back into the "boonies" there will be a backup FAC airborne in the area. Today, Don McFarland, my roommate has pulled that duty. As we return from the mission, "Smitty" one of the other Quang Nagi Air Force FACs will be on station to meet us as we return.