This is where we are keeping our miscellaneous history.  

The war in Southeast Asia was fought by real people

and they have history that includes their emotions,

details not recorded elsewhere, and humor.


In an effort not to lose this valuable insight we are stashing it here.  


Ancestry   Ravens   19 TASS   20 TASS   21 TASS
  22 TASS   23 TASS   Rustics      

If you were there, or have material from someone who was, 

we want your stories and pictures for future editions of the FAC HISTORY BOOK.


Additional Stories

The Texas Tech University has a wealth of information about the Vietnam war and seeks inputs from all who were there. Oral Histories

Recent history - Destruction of a BTR-60 by a land mine.

Life in the War Zone - Chuck Galbach's Tour
Books By and About FACs
"A Certain Brotherhood"  JIMMIE H. BUTLER "The Rescue of Bat 21" DARRELL WHITCOMB
"Quoth the Raven" JIM ROPER  







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