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The first issue of the FAC Association newsletter was published in February 2001 and it and subsequent newsletters from the FAC Association and other FAC related organizations are here.

As time has gone on the task of putting these Newsletters together has changed hands from Claude Newland  to Hen Min Hiu to Tim Eby to Gene Rossel and now, our current composer and editor is Don Davie. Any news items or other information for the Newsletter should be forward to:

 Don Davie



                                       NOTE: These letters are best read using Adobe Reader.  A current copy may be downloaded by clicking on the button below.


ThirtyFifth Issue

Jul. 2018

ThirtyThird Issue

Jul. 2017

ThirtyFourth Issue

Jan. 2018

Thirty first Issue

Jul. 2016

Thirty Second Issue

Jan. 2017

Twenty nineth Issue

Jul. 2015

Thirtieth Issue

Jan. 2016

Twenty Seventh Issue

Jul. 2014

Twenty Eighth Issue

Jan. 2015

Twenty Fifth Issue

Jul. 2013 

Twenty Sixth Issue

Jan. 2014 

Twenty Third Issue

Jul. 2012

Twenty Fourth Issue

Jan. 2013 

Twenty First Issue

Jul. 2011

Twenty Second Issue

Jan. 2012

Nineteenth Issue

Jul. 2010

Twentieth Issue

Jan. 2011

Seventeenth Issue

Jul. 2009

Eighteenth Issue

Jan 2010

Fifteenth Issue

Jul. 2008 

Sixteenth Issue

Jan. 2009

Thirteenth Issue

Jul. 2007 

Fourteenth Issue

Jan. 2008
Eleventh Issue

Jul. 2006 

Twelfth Issue

Jan. 2007 

Ninth Issue

Jul. 2005

Tenth Issue

Jan. 2006 

Seventh Issue

Jul. 2004

Eighth Issue

Jan. 2005

Fifth Issue

Jul, 2003

Sixth Issue

Jan. 2004

Third Issue

Dec. 2001

Fourth Issue

Jun. 2002

First Issue

Jan. 2001

Second Issue

Aug. 2001



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