Welcome to Seattle


 Mark Your calendars!

The reunion dates are: September 17-23, 2018.

 Reunion Schedule:

Monday, Sep 17, 2018:
Arrival and Hootch opening.

Tuesday, Sep 18:
Trip to visit Paul Allenís Flying Collection and Combat Armor Museum. Paine Field, Everett.

Wednesday, Sep 19:
Visit to the Museum of Flight, Seattle Boeing Field. Visit in the afternoon and stay the evening for an informal catered buffet dinner amongst the aircraft in the Grand Gallery.

Thursday, Sep 20:
Visit to Boeing at Paine Field for the Museum and Tour of the aircraft assembly plant.

Friday, Sep 21:
FAC Memorial Service, location TBD.

Formal Banquet at the reunion Hotel.

Saturday, Sep 22:

Golf: TBD

Hotel: The Red Lion in Bellevue. Room rate: $122 + taxes. No charge for meeting facilities or parking.
We may bring drinks and dry snacks into the Hooch. Details will be worked out on interaction in this respect between the Hooch and the Banquet Room. The Hooch hours are basically unrestricted except on Banquet day when it will be merged into the main room.

The hotel contract grants reservations at the reunion price for 4 days before and after the reunion for those who arrive early or stay after for sightseeing. Also accommodates folks who want to take advantage of the cruise ships that operate out of Seattle on the weekends.

I encourage renting a car at the airport. No parking fee at the hotel. Cost of reserved limo service SEATAC to Red Lion is approximately $40 one way. I am working on that to bring the cost down by pooling. I have located a private service to give special attention to FAC arrivals.

I have talked with a bus company and think it a good idea to plan at least one or two 52 passenger buses per trip for the elderly among us. Traffic will be a factor and some may feel daunted driving the 50 miles to Paine field, or 25 miles to Museum of Flight.

Museum of Flight:

The rental cost of the Grand Gallery is rather expensive . My strategy is to reserve the lower cost Skyline Room overlooking the runway for the informal dinner and, then depending on attendance sign-ups switch to the Grand Gallery. (That delays our required deposit for the Grand Gallery) pending attendance numbers. I would prefer to reserve the Grand Gallery right off if the Board approves, but the deposit is non-refundable. It can be used to relocate to the Skyline Room but some of the deposit  could be lost.

Boeing tour.

 Its probably a bit strenuous for some at 4 hours and a lot of walking in the largest, by volume, building anywhere. Limited accommodation can be reserved for challenged walkers and wheel chairs. Depending on reunion attendance, metered scheduling may be required to keep from overwhelming the walking tour.
I talked about an event there but they are undergoing change of management now and could not provide scheduling commitments.

Flying Heritage Collection.

 They are a relatively new group and could not give commitments this far out but it is well established, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Flying days are on one Saturday a month so some may want to stay over to attend that depending on the future schedule publication.

Shirts, hats and coins: Iím working with the same folks Jay used in Williamsburg.