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This portion of the FAC website has been constructed with the idea that many of you may want to revisit, in actual detail, those locations where you "did your work" during your tours in Southeast Asia. Click on the Locations below to view a snapshot of the area.


The charts we are using  here in The Map Room were developed by the United States Defense Mapping Agency, Topographic Center and are available in the public domain.

Our thanks to Jim Henthorn, 21st S.O.S. Nov. '67 - May '69,  who scanned these charts and placed them on the internet. He has added locations of the Lima Sites, developed by Heiney Aderhold. Jim can be reached at:


The Corps Map that you will see here displays the four Military Regions (MRs) that we all knew as I Corps,  II Corps, III Corps, and IV Corps. This map is not interactive and so you will probably just visit it once and then go on to other things more interesting.


The Southeast Asia Map is a different situation. This map contains 57 links to some 300 plus locations. When you click on a country name,  for example CAMBODIA , you will invoke the graphic viewer program that has been built into this CD. From there you can select any one of the subdirectories that are available and proceed to view one or all of the maps that you will find there.


On the other hand, when you click on a link such as NF48-05  that is located in the northern regions of Laos, or ND48-11 located in central Cambodia, your internet browser software will take you directly to THE APPROPRIATE DIRECTORY containing multiple maps of the entire area  surrounding the link you chose. You can now choose the map of your choice.




Corps  Map
Southeast Asia Map    



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