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17 Oct 06

Can anyone help here?

My father was Thomas P. (T. P.) Conlin.  He served in Vietnam from July 1968 to July 1969, part of that time with the Tigerhound Covey FACs. He came back stateside and went to the National War College, then became a Vice Wing and then a Wing Commander, served in Looking Glass out of Offut, then Division Commander at Carswell.  He retired and moved back to Texas after a brief stint at the Pentagon.  He went into consulting work, then died of mesothelioma (from asbestos exposure) on August 7, 1996.
He loved flying with the Covey FACs, but otherwise never talked about his time in Vietnam. I would like to know more about what happened to him there.  For example, I know that he got a Bronze Star, but I don’t know why.  He wouldn’t talk about it.
Can you assist?
Kathy Conlin  

15 Jan 06

Anyone, can  you help find these two guys??

It's a long story but maybe you can  reach back and remember the early 70's in Nam and Laos. Have been trying to  run down the names of a Covey pilot and Rider for many moons now with NO luck.  

I worked the Ravens as a ground controller (CCT) in late 71 and early  72 at Lima site 39, Ross Leonard was there as Raven 31 after his stint as  Covey.

I guess it's just an old age thing, I feel as though i should  at least try to find the names of these two warriors, pilot lost his life that  day but Rider may still be kicking some where,

I have contacted John  Plaster and Steve Sherman, both former SF guys in country, they've been more  than eager to help, as you can see..Sherman has narrowed it down to four  pilots and is working on finding the SF Rider.

I have photo's of the  wreckage, that's where the tail nr. came from. Any help would be  greatly appreciated. Cheers.

Most sincerely

Roger ''SMOKEY  CONTROL'' Klair
224 Thomas Ct.
Ft Walton Bch, Fl.  32548  
(850) 863 2323

06 Oct 05

The keeper of the web, Dan Skutack, had a massive heart attack l5 Sept 05, and was buried in Ft.Mitchell National Cemetery with full honors, on his 72nd birthday, 19 Sept 05. An avid fisher/hunter, he died immediately while on the dock taking the cover off his pontoon boat, in preparation for a day of fishing.

Jim McClellan has taken over this duty, so bear with us during this transition.

29 Nov 05

Jim Meade, Tangerine 31, is trying to locate Tony Sazanovitch (Covey 255) who was in Vietnam in early 1968. Email Jim Meade at

30 Sept 05

Mike Jackson, Bilk 12 & 24, at , is trying to locate Covey 295, the FAC who participated in a SAR on 30 Jan 72 with Jolly 65 and two Sandies near the Rung Rung Valley. Please contact him directly if you have any information regarding Covey 295.



02 May 02

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