Below is the LIST OF LOST COVEYS.  We have attempted through various means to locate these individuals, but have not been successful.  We have included what information we have on them, knowing it is outdated.  Hopefully, this information may assist in jogging your memory.  Call signs are included when we were aware of them.


Please scan the list and see if you can remember anything of these individuals, then let us know what you know. If you know the location of any of these FACS please forward that information to us by mail, phone, or at the following e-mail address:


Jim McClellan


Any other names of which you are aware should be included in the list, so please let us know that, also.  Your personal knowledge is one of our most important sources of information.  So, please check your old orders, records, photo albums, Christmas card lists, etc. for complete names and SSNs.  This info can go a long way to reducing the number of LOST COVEYS.


Thank you.






Abbott, Donald L.


Abbott, Fred


Aio, Gilbert


Albright, Ralph N


Allen, Rusty;197 Furlong; Universal City TX 78148


Altemose, James L.  (Lopez Fac?)


Anderson, Alvord V.P., III


Anderson, William J


Andrea, Jan


Angus, Ronald G.


Apel, Frank J. Jr.


Archer, John W.


Areffi, Patrick A


Arms, Charles I.


Arnold, Gary D.; McGregor, TX


Arthurs, Raymond W.


Atto, Billy J.


Austin, Edward G.


Ayres, Timothy R.


Bailey, Roy C., Jr.


Ball, Derrel M; 11 Bryson St.; Greenville, SC


Balzer, Stephen H., Jr.


Barr, Robert E.; 216 Spring Haven Dr.; Evansville, Ind 97710


Bates, Bud B; (C); 1541 Empire St.; Fairfield, CA 94533


Beade, George W.


Beebe, Robert H


Belveal, John T.


Bergeron, Joseph L; 431 Dakota; Fairfield, CA 94533


Benton, Dave; (D)


Bernhardt, Terry O; 7475 Fairview Rd.; Tivamook, Oregon 97141


Beynon, Glenn E., Jr.


Blackman, Barry A.


Blake, Douglass L.


Bleymaier, Joseph S., Jr.


Bornkessel, Donald A


Boyd, John A 3627 Ledgerstone Dr., Houston, TX77059


Boystel, Gary M; 1043 Woodlane Dr.; Lancasteer, OH


Bradfield, William R.


Bradley, John L. III (214); 458 Circle Dr.; Abington, VA 24210


Brague, Richard L.


Branch, Leon M.


Bronowski, James P.


Brown, Stephen E.


Bryant, William F., Jr.


Buckey, Jerome V.


Budinger, Fred; RR#1; Tolono, IL 61880


Buikema, Kenneth E.


Burnell,  Robert W.


Butcher, Jack (231)


Calamos,  John P.


Campbell, Daniel C.; 1346 Longwood Ave.; Pueblo, Co


Carlton, Russell, Jr.


Carr, Ronald “Ron” (252); 438 W. 11th St.; Tempe, AZ 85281


Carroll, Denny


Carroll, M. J.


Chaplin, Richard C.


Ceraso, Dave


Chernay, Serge A.


Churnell, Robert F.


Claiborn, Edward L.


Claudy, Phillip


Clements, Richard K.


Coan, Stewart W. “Stu”; PO Box 17; Sunset Hill, VA 22072


Cole, Richard R., Jr.


Coltrain, Frederick; 2368 By St.; Taunton, Ma 02780


Colquitt, James H.


Commons, Jack B.


Compton, James R.


Conlin, T. P.


Cookson, Thomas L., Jr.


Cooper, Leigh J.


Corbett, Robert M


Cowser, Kenneth R.


Crocheron, Wesley M. “Wes” (259); 1515 Louisa St.; West Covina, CA 91790


Cunningham, Richard R.


Dahl, David C.


Daily, James W. (FAN)


Daniel, Thomas


Davies, John


DeGroot, Doug


Devincenzo, Salvatoro


Dixon, Clifford C; 515 Columbus Dr.; Selma, AL 36701


Dotson, Ted


Driscoll, Denis J.


Dyer, Thomas. J., III


Ebert, William L “Bill” (222); 225 Randeall Ave.; Trenton, NJ


Eells, Stephan A; 5949 Big Horn Dr.; Roanoke, VA 24018


Elliott, Hal


Elser, Arthur G.


Everett, Ronald H.


Fairlamb, Richard C.


Farhlender, Theodore T.


Fendlander, Dennis D.


Fields, William




Fitzsimmons, Evan L


Flannery, Barry


Flasch, Jerald A.; 3723 N. Washington; Stillwater, OK 74074


Flecker, James D.


Fernald, Larry


Foertach, Walter R.; 92 Pinegrove Ave.; Rochester, NY 14617


Foster, Eugene A. 598 Canyon Point, Las Cruces, NM 88011; Covey 520


Frazier, Therman E.


Freebairn, James D.


Freeman, Pickens


Friese, Ronald W.


Fuler, John H., Jr.


Fuller, John N.


Gaughan, Robert E.


Gaven, Edward (FAN)


Gaylor,  Wayne T


Giblin, Owen J. (Joe)


Gibson, Paul  (298); West Hartford, CT


Gifford,  Estel G.


Giggy, Donald N.


Ginder, Roy


Glover, Glenn G.


Gosney, G. (Covey 201)


Grady, David L.


Grant, Linwood O.


Gries, Charles E (FAN)


Grimm, Don A


Groves, Ronald E “Ron” (286); 1244 Faber Ave; Columbus, OH


Guinchard, Claude


Gund, Ed


Gunnels, Charles W. “Bill” (N); 1206 N Jefferson St.; Arlington, VA 22205


Hackett, Michael H.


Haggerty, John M; A2054 Cunningham Dr. #202; Hampton, VA 23366


Haight, Leon L.


Hala,  Norbert A..


Haliday, James T. “Jim”; 585 W Jefferson; Brownsville, TX


Hall, James K. (02)


Hall,  Gene F.


Hall, Wilson J.


Halley, Greogory W.


Hampton, Michael S.


Handley, Edwin D.


Harrison, Brownwood


Hatch, Evrette A. III; 44B NW 46th St.; Oklahoma City, OK 73112


Hawkins, Max L. (226)


Haynes, Sonny


Headquist, Barry


Heckman, Charles W.


Henley, David C., Sr.


Hensley, Boyd W.


Hester, Elmer W.


Heyboer, Jay


Hicks,  George T


Higgins, James C., Jr.; 184 Pondview Dr.; Springfield, MA 01118


Hill, James T. 104 Hanover Ct., Summerville, SC 29485 (834) 871-7824


Hodges, Warren J.


Holbrook, Joe


Hope, Ken


Howard, Jimmy H. (233); 220 Westmoreland Circle; Fairfield, AL 35064


Huff, Robert C.


Hunkapiller, Bill - found.....

William Martin Hunkapiller (Bill) (born March 27,
1942) died on August 17, 1969, in New Orleans, LA,
from amoebiasis which he contracted while stationed at
Pleiku. The doctors could not diagnose his illness –
it was only identified upon autopsy. “Hunk” as he was
fondly known by his multitude of friends separated
from the AF in mid-July 1969 and was home barely a
month before he died.


Hutton, Harold S.


Hyde, Bayard W


Irvin, Melvin D., Jr.


Jacobcik, John D.


Jeffers, Ulie H, Jr.


Jensen, Albert D.; 502 Coral Pl.; Corpus Christi, TX


Johnson, David G; Boyne Mt., Michigan


Johnson, Jay D.; 7792 Tannery Rd.; Rome, NY 13440


Johnson, Deverl H.


Johnson, Donald E. (FAN)


Johnson, Ralph D.; 2201 NW 52; Owosso, MI 48867


Johnson, Wayne


Jones, Michael E. (FAN)


Jones, Richard C.


Kerwin, Jim


Keskinen, Richard R.


Knaak, Rex R. (FAN)


Koelz, Stephen A.; 104 N. Cherry St., Falls Church, VA 22046 (PH 703-534-6280)


Kowalke, Garvin R.


Lackey, Laurence W.


Lange, Melvin


Langlois, Ronald J.


Lambert, Clifford “Cliff”; 3012 Winchester Way; Rancho Cordova, CA 95670




Lederle, Nick


Leykum, Charlie


Linseisen, Frank J.; Rt. 2; Waller, Tx 77484


Lipe, Charles G.


Littlefield, Larry


Lucas, Charles C


Macomber, Edward M.


Magnussen, Robert


Mann, Robert


Martel, Paul F.


Mau, Bob


Mayfield, Thomas


McClintock, Raymond M., Jr.


McClure, Eugene L., Jr.; 136 Milliken Creek Dr.; Napa, CA 94558


McGraw, Warner; Kerrville, TX; (Ph. 830-896-2740)


Mackay, Dave


McKinley, James Lee (Covey 288)


McMillen, Willard F


McNamara, Roger T.


McNeill, Fred (Covey 502)


Mcvay, Dave


Meadows, Bob


Meckler, Eugene


Melendez, Wayne (210)


Melvin., Michael A. “Mike”; 2000 River Hill Rd.; Columbus, OH 43221



Merideth, Larry; Hawaii (Ph. 808-623-3543)


Merrick, Paul A.


Meyers, Winfred (FAN)


Moen, John L.


Molinaro, Richard W.


Moore, J. B.


Mueller, Gary S.; 5 N 206 Ridgewood; Bensenville, IL 60106


Mullins, Robert C. “Moon”


Murphy, Willliam


Nelson, Lonnie D.


Newell, William E


Nornberg, Rhody L.   (M); 4506 Travois Dr.; San Antonio, TX 78238


O’Brien, Robert (O.B.)


Osborne, Don


Owens, Gary


Parcell, “Red”


Pavlu, Gary


Peshut, Samuel; 1137 Walnut Ave; Monaca, PA 15061


Pfaff, Terry L.; 942 Cherry Ave; Moses Lake, WA 98837


Platt, Lynn R. (Covey 257) 918 Bunker View Dr., Apollo Beach, FL 33572 (813) 

          (813) 645-3246


Poling, Rich (Covey 111)


Powell, Jerry R.s


Quandt, Theodore W.


Ritter, Robert


Robertson, Garland L.


Roche, Joseph


Rogers, James (FAN)


Ross, Guy L.


Rouse, Lawrence M


Rowell, Mark


Sauterrii, Albert H.


Schneider, Aurthur C.; 5475 Ferrari Ave; Las Vegas, NV 89105


Schroeder, Rudolph J. III


Seagraves, Earl


Seats, John H


Shaffer, Glen A.; 4528 Hitchin Post Ln.; Plano, TX 75024 (Ph.972-618-7538)


Sheets, Gary


Shroeder, Duane A.; 345 NW Hocken #212; Beavertown, OR


Silver, David C; C/o Shomburg 143-23 Barclay; Flushing, NY 11355


Silver, Richard C “Rick”; 1114 Elmwood Blvd; Dallas, TX 75224


Simon, Stan


Skovgaard, Richaard A


Smith, Donald W.; 927 Holly Ave; Bessemer, AL 35020


Smith, Hal


Smith, Rocky


Sparks, Morgan N.


Speight, Don


Springer, Richard A


Stambuck, Gearold F


Steitz, Peter K.


Stevenson, John


Steward, Richard L; 1128 Glendale Lane; Nashville, TN  37204


Stewart, Bill


Strand, G. E.


Street, Don


Sullivan, John


Swats, Donald Lee


Switzer, Barton B.


Tait, John C.


Tarr, Terry G.; 1737 Keeler; Bartlesville, OK 74003


Thomas, Larry


Thomas, Richard A.; 19 Highland Ave; Middleton, NY 10940


Thompson, Jeffrey E.


Tolle, Tommie J.; Dear Creek, OK


Tomlin, Samuel S.


Totten, David. K.


Tuttle, Don


Ulmer, Stiles C.


Ulstrom, John R.; Baudette, MN 56623


Vail, Carleton H


Vaughn, Dave (247)


Vaughn, Everett A (213)


Verdier, Paul R., Jr


Vore, Donald A; 147 Nunnery Ln; Baltimore, MD 21228


Wald, Charles F.


Ward, Clifford L.


Warren, Mike


Webb, Michael M


Weisenborn, Ron


Wells, Walt


Whalley, Lawrence H.


Wiltuck, Robert


Woods, "Woody"


Zavalney, Harold