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The mission of the Covey Facs from Danang was to provide 24 hour coverage of the eastern part of the  Tigerhound area; to include the southern portion of North Vietnam from Dong Hoi south to the DMZ. To interdict enemy supply routes from eastern Laos into the  RSVN; to support U.S. Army Special Forces Operations (Prairie Fire); and to conduct visual reconnaissance of their Area of Operations (AO) for intelligence purposes. 

In the fall of 1968, Covey  Facs ceased their operations over the southern part of North Vietnam.   In early 1973, as the war de-escalated, and prior to their de-activation, Covey   Facs ceased their out-of-country operations and flew missions in support of in-country operations.  

The mission of the Tigerhound Pleiku Detachment Covey Facs was to provide continuous coverage of the southern part of the  Tigerhound area; to interdict enemy supply routes leading from southern Laos into the  RSVN; to support the U.S. Army Special Forces Operations; and to conduct active reconnaissance of their assigned area for intelligence purposes. 

In July of 1968, the mission of the  Pleiku Covey Facs was increased to encompass a 30 mile span of Route 165 extending northwest of  Chavane.

In June of 1970, the northern third of Cambodia was added to the   Pleiku Covey's Area of Operations. To accomplish this mission, air assets were increased by eight aircraft and ten pilots.


To clear up some confusion with regards to the use of terms to designate specific AOs, Steel Tiger, Barrel Roll, and Tigerhound were names applied to "Route Packs" in Laos; target areas comparable to Route Packs 1 through V1-A and B in North Vietnam.  Tally-Ho referenced target areas in the DMZ area.

BARREL ROLL:  The area of operations along the Laotian border with North Vietnam.  US interdiction and close air support operations, mainly out of Thailand, began at the end of 1964.

STEEL TIGER:  The area of operations south of Barrel Roll.  Air Force and Navy units began operations to interdict the logistic network in April 1965.

TIGERHOUND:  The area of operations in southeastern Laos, south of Steel Tiger.  Operations in this AO began at the end of 1965.

TALLY-HO:  USAF and US Marines joint area of operations between the DMZ and the area 30 miles northward in Route Package 1. Slow-moving FAC coverage was limited to the more mountainous western region of the AO. Fast-movers covered the eastern plains area. Operations begain 20 July 66.

ROLLING THUNDER: Coce name identifies the conduct of Air Operations against North Vietnam. (1965-1968).




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