This Covey Fac had a distinctive southern drawl and usually punctuated his transmissions with colorful metaphors, and, at times embellished his accomplishments.  There was no mistaking his voice when he transmitted.  After putting in a flight of Navy planes, the Fac was contacted by what appeared to be another Navy flight with similar call signs.  The rendezvous was accomplished quickly, and the target marked.  The Navy flight commander said he eye-balled the target and described its location, using the same colorful metaphors used by the Fac in the previous strike.  Everything was going swimmingly well except the Fac never did eye-ball the flight.  But, because of the extensive and colorful description of the landmarks in the area by the Naval flight, the Fac was happy with the situation and cleared the flight in hot.  The only thing that bothered the Fac was the flight reported their ordinance load as four MK 102’s, two in each plane.  He could not find this ordinance listed on his munitions card.  When he queried the flight for a clarification of the ordinance, the flight leader responded this was a new type of ordinance and their delivery could be heard rather than seen.  With that, the Fac uttered a big “AAWRIGHT…cleared in hot!!”  The flight called rolling in and clearing the target.  After several minutes of silence, the Covey called and said he hadn’t seen any ordinance detonate.  The flight leader responded this new ordinance had a delayed fuse and reminded the Fac he would probably be hearing the impact as opposed to seeing it.  The Fac gave his big “RAJUUHH”.   There was a few more minutes of silence then the flight leader came up and told the Fac it was about time for the 102’s to detonate.  He asked the Fac “Are you listening?”  The Fac replied “Affirmative”.  The flight leader then transmitted “BOOM-BOOM, BOOM-BOOM”.  The Fac was asked if he heard the BOOM-BOOMS.  There was a long pause, then the Fac came on and said “Ah’ve been had!”  And, indeed he had.  The Navy flight was a fictional one , created by another Covey who was monitoring the previous strike frequency aboard the ABCCC aircraft.  After that, the strike Fac was affectionately called “Boom-boom”.