Not all of us saw a Bob Hope show during our service time. But we all knew that he was there and that he cared enough to keep coming back where ever we were. The opportunity I had to see his show at Da Nang in December 1970 was superseded by a chance to see the world's biggest bomb dump in Laos. I was TDY from Da Nang to Bien Hoa to fly with the Rustics and I hopped a ride back to Da Nang on the 24th of December to cook Christmas dinner for my Covey friends and the nurses. When I got back I heard about the action in Laos so I aimed my helper, Larry Hull, at rounding up stuff from my freezer and jumped in the back seat of someone going west. We flew over a hill side covered with GIs at the Bob Hope show. The cartoons say it all.

Bob Hope & Bing Crosby in Heaven

Bob Hope & Bing Crosby on the Road to Heaven

Bob Hope plays Heaven

Bob Hope greated by Saint Peter

Bob Hope play Paradise

Bob Hope 2003 Heaven Tour

Bob Hope Missed

Hand Salute to Bob Hope