San Antonio, TX
5-9 May 2004

"We switched Friday and Saturday night Dinner/entertainment events to clear a conflict. This schedule supersceeds the one on the EEM site.

Each member in good standing of the FAC Association will get one copy of the FAC CD Book with their registration. Additional copies are $10.00 each. The FAC Association needs a good count of who wants extra FAC CD Books in order to know how many to bring to the Reunion. Since a fair number of folks have already registered with EEM they will need to sent an e-mail to Cal Anderson so we get the right number there. Please drop Cal Anderson an email to let him know how many Book CDs and FAC Song CDs you would like. Cal Anderson, Route 1, Box 352, Whitakers, N.C. 27891, , FAX 252-437-0394 or (H) 252, 437-0550.

Gary Lee (who will be with us at SAT) has available a FAC song CD with lots of great Air Force/FAC songs by a number of our own Air Force folks. We need a good count of who would like a FAC song CD at $ 16 per copy." Please e-mail Gary at to order extra copies of the FAC Song CD so we can have them for you at the Reunion "

For those who didn't get to San Antonio here are a few slide shows (Better Late than not at all)

1. A tour on the town

2. Good food for all

3. A trip to Stinson Field

4. Awards Night

5. Memorial Service