Forward Air Controller Reunions

This is an index of the FAC Reunions, which are held every two years.

2000 VPS
2002 HNL
2004 SAT
2006 DAY
2008 / 2013 COS
2010 DFW

2012 logo.jpg

2012 TUS
2014 VPS
2016 PHF
2018 SEA
2020 COS

Note: Most of the reunions noted above have two parts.  One part is the announcement, schedule and registration information.  The second part contains a record of what went on i.e. memorial dedications, activities and the like.  Click on the reunion logo to see one part.  Click on the blue underlined year to link to the second part.  

After the reunion in San Antonio I realized that we had not come away from the Memorial service without anything but our memories.  So after returning home I took some time to put together my short tribute to all those who have gone before us. 

Please accept my invitation to visit the San Antonio logo above where we lit six candles.  The opening background music is "Taps", when this is finished you might scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see six icons (representing the six candles that were lit during the ceremony) if you were to "click on" either the Ravens or the 23rd you will hear additional music. ( Play them one at a time).  Bob Gorman, Jake 44.

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