Wanted Posters

This page is a Bulletin Board for wanted information about people, places or things.  Such information as, "Did you know my father?" or "Looking for the FAC that....."

Wanted: Willie Albright, son of 1968-69 FAC Lt Col Ralph Albright, is looking for information about his father (who died in Tucson AZ in 2011). (Details Wanted-200315)

Wanted: Contact info for the Cambodian pilot who flew a baby out of Phenom Penh in a Bassinet, April 1975.
(Details Wanted-191203)

Wanted: Pictures of O-1 operations at Bien Hoa in 1965.  (Details Wanted-120619)

Wanted: Picture of a patch worn by Rash FACs in September 1969. (Details Wanted-120801)

Wanted: O-1 pilots for 70th anniversary of the birth of the O-1. (Details Wanted-200208). 


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